Trolley Bag Set - Reusable

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Solve the Plastic Bag Saga once and for all !!

Pack in store, carry to car and inside house with ease

  • A complete system of 4 different sized reusable bags 
  • It means you can get your shopping done quickly and pack in the way you want, so unpacking at the other end is a breeze.
  • The 4 Trolley Bags fan out and stand upright in the shopping trolley, allowing you to use both hands to pack
  • Style 1  has a blue Cooler Bag
  • Style 2 has a blue Standard Bag

    Color: Orange&Green&Red&Blue
    Feature: Folding, Reusable and Environmental
    Quantity: 4pcs for 1 set
    Size: Orange:52x24x50cm (20.47"x9.44"x19.68")
             Green:48x22x50cm (18.89"x8.66"x19.68")        
             Red:41x20x46cm (16.14"x7.87"x18.11")
              Blue:35x18x40cm (13.77"x7.08"x15.74")   
    Package includes: 4 x shopping bags


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